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Maybe you aren't quite ready to purchase a new dory or maybe you already own one; maybe you know someone who is a dory lover. We've got a selection of nautical and dory themes gift items you might be interested in.

Model Fishing Dories

A good friend makes these model fishing dories and boy, does he like his details! They are available in three sizes - .15½" long, 19" long and 37" long. The two smaller sizes come with a set of oars, tholepins and a teensy tiny bailer; the larger size just comes with the tholepins. Prices are $80, $100 and $120. *Currently out of stock*

Dory Whirligig

Made by South Shore craftsmen, these whimsical whirligigs make a great addition to a backyard deck or oceanside dock. And holy cow can that little fella’ ever row when the wind kicks up! We have three different sizes 8.5" long for $35.00, 12" long  for $40.00 and 18" long for $50.00. Prices are with tax included, shipping is extra. 

Dory Shop Caps

Show your support for this unique heritage business by wearing one of our Dory Shop caps. Made of waxed cotton, the caps are embroidered with our dory logo. Cost is $35 tax included. Shipping extra.

The Dory Book

Are looking to purchase dory plans? We can't help you, unfortunately - not because we're holding anything back or being unfriendly, but because we don't have any physical plans available to sell. We use the same jigs and patterns today that we were using 100 years ago. The knowledge is passed from builder to builder in a practical and hands-on way, not on paper. All is not lost, though - there is an excellent book written by John Gardiner, called The Dory Book. We have copies of it - one in the office and one in the workshop - and we refer to it often. The books can be ordered through your local bookstore, or you can order direct from us. $40 tax included, shipping extra -- keep in mind: it's a b-i-g book!  *Currently out of stock*

Monkey Fist Knots

These cool little monkey fist knots will look great hanging from a nautically-themed Christmas tree. There are three colours to choose from, subject to availability, and they are only 2.25" in diameter. These are $8.00 each tax included, shipping extra.