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A new learning opportunity at The Dory Shop

Want to build a classic wooden boat? There’s no better way to learn how than to take one apart and fix it!

That’s just the opportunity available at The Dory Shop this spring when master boatbuilder Jay Langford restores an aging Monomoy pull boat.

Brought to The Dory Shop straight from Cape Cod, where these boats originated, this fascinating project offers a unique learning opportunity for up to four new and would-be boatbuilders.

Something different

This opportunity is something very different than our usual two-week dory building courses.

First of all, it’s not a dory, it’s not a new build and it isn’t lapstrake construction. It’s also a longer project, perhaps as long as 8 weeks. And unlike our biannual dory building courses, which are open to anyone with even the most basic knowledge of hand tools, this course will involve a bit of an application process so that we can ensure that we have people with sufficient woodworking skills to start.

Monomoy rowing

So what are Monomoys?

Monomoys are a classic double-ended wooden boat designed to be rowed by a team of rowers – generally eight people, sitting two per thwart but each powering a 12-foot oar, and a coxswain standing in the stern and steering with a 16-foot steering oar. The boats are descendants of shore-based whaleboats that were used off Cape Cod and specifically Monomoy Island. Designed to handle heavy surf, they were long used as life saving boats. Today they remain popular with recreational rowing clubs, inspiring several competitive race series.

from U.S. Life Saving Service Heritage Association

Construction technique

Monomoys are carvel-built – that is, unlike our clinker or lapstrake-built dories where planks overlap along their edges, they are made by fastening planks to frames so that the planks butt up against each other. This is generally acknowledged to produce a stronger, certainly heavier hull that requires a lot more caulking (clinker dories need none at all!) and produces a smooth hull.

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