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Anyone who knows me knows that I am one hell of a proud Lunenburger. But let me tell you, to stand in the boatyard yesterday watching a handsome wooden schooner slide down the ways (not without a little hitch but that only added to the excitement!), well, to say I was proud does not tell the half of it. We’re a little town here, and we have this amazing history and heritage (significant enough that the United Nations recognized it). But it is moments like this – a real present day moment involving real people whom I have watched, assisted in only the most minor capacity and I suppose, some days harrassed as they crafted this vessel, the Martha Seabury, and her as-yet-unnamed twin, through two damp, cold Nova Scotia winters, using skill sets that many consider forgotten – that somehow marry this seaport town’s proud past with sincere hope for the future and I truly could not be prouder.

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