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Stop and smell the cedar

The Dory Shop

Jay is still working away on a lovely steam-bent Alaskan Yellow Cedar dinghy for the Schooner Martha Seabury.

It’s a much fussier project than a Banks dory, which planks up lickety-split using nice, wide planks fashioned from pine with no need for a steam box.

The Dory ShopBut it’s great to have something a little different being built in the shop and this boat truly showcases the skills of our master craftsman.

The Dory ShopThese pictures do no real justice to the lovely curves achieved with those garboard planks. And oh if someone would please just invent an app that allowed you to take a deep long breath and inhale the smell of the cedar. Heavenly!

The Dory Shop

Meanwhile, across the road and two docks, the outfitting gang is working feverishly to get the Martha Seabury ready for sea trials next week. In fact, the masts were just stepped. Hooray!

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