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Crossing the line


We are so saddened today to learn of the passing of Edgar Hatt, longtime supplier of knees for our dories and a gentleman whose kind smile and quiet wisdom was admired by all who met him.

For more than 60 years, Edgar has provided this most essential component of our Lunenburg-built dories. The work required to harvest Hackmatack knees from the muck of a bog is great indeed. Edgar began as a child working with his father and grandfather. In more recent years, he worked with his own son, Otho.

Knee deliveries were made late spring and early fall, and it was truly always a delight to chat a bit with Edgar. Without saying a lot you nonetheless knew here was a man who was living his life well, working hard but cherishing each day.

He passed away in his sleep at age 80.

We will miss him.

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