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New dories for Canada

Dory races

The Winter Olympics at Sochi have us feeling a tad patriotic these days. And so does our latest project – four new dories for the Canadian Dory Racing Association!

Since 1952, rowers from Canada and the United States have faced off on the Lunenburg and Gloucester waterfronts once a year as part of the International Dory Races. Now heading into its 62nd year, this event is a much-loved tradition and treasured part of our heritage. But dory rowing has also become a growth sport here, attracting an increasing number of men, women and youth who are taking up the oars for exercise, fun and friendship.

In fact, in 2013, the Canadian Dory Racing Association boasted a membership of 80 recreational rowers, more than half of them new sign ups. Recreational rowing instruction is held every Monday evening beginning in mid-April and running well into the fall season. Competitive rowers are coached Tuesday and Friday nights. And the association’s dories can be seen out on the harbour at many different times of day as rowers practice their stroke and enjoy an excellent cardiovascular workout.

This activity is a huge winfor Lunenburg! People are engaged in a healthy lifestyle activity that also strengthens the town’s appeal as a tourism destination. We can’t have fishing vessels landing fish every day, nor tall ships arriving at the dock, but visitors delight in the sight of rowers out on the water or the simple beauty of the dories tied to the floating dock or hauled up on the ways. And of course the International Dory Races, held each year in August, are an event that continues to attract a delegation from Massachusetts, as well as visitors from near and far.

All these benefits for our community, and the only infrastructure that’s required? The dories!

We here at The Dory Shop are busting-our-buttons proud to tell you we’ve been selected to build this new set of dories, which are much needed to replace aging boats and support expanding interest in the sport. And we’ve pledged to assist the association as they fund raise to pay for these new boats. To find out how you can help, please contact Dory Plug (aka Susan) at 902-640-3005 or email