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Are you ready to get out on the water this summer?

traditional wooden Cross Island skiff built at The Dory Shop, Lunenburg, Nova ScotiaIf you live on the East Coast, you’ll no doubt agree we suffered through the worst winter in a really long time this past year. And what passed for spring here in Nova Scotia was nothing to write home about either.

However summer is good and truly here now and it’s time to get out on the water!

If boating season somehow crept up on you and you find yourself wanting, check out the Ready-Made section of our website. While we generally build to order, and so never have a ton of boats in stock (this ain’t Wal-mart folks!), we do from time to time have a little gap in the production schedule, during which Jay will construct a boat on spec. Over the winter, these included a couple of Banks rowing dories (the 14’ 8” loa Black Rocks and a 17’ Handline), a Nutshell pram and this great little power boat – what we call the Cross Island skiff.

17-foot wooden Cross Island skiff built at The Dory Shop, Lunenburg, Nova ScotiaBuilt from the lines of an old work boat that found her way into the boatyard in her final days, these skiffs have been a strong seller for us. And we’re not surprised. Strong and seaworthy, these are do-it-all boats you can climb aboard in your rubber boots (or topsiders, if you wish), haul your lobster traps, take the family for a Sunday spin or maybe sneak off for a relaxing bit of fishing. It’s up to you!

This particular skiff is dolled up just a bit with a decked over bow and washboards, and is all ready for the water. She just needs an owner!

If you’d like more information about any of our boats, don’t hesitate to contact us at 902-640-3005 or online.

A wooden Cross Island skiff built at the historic Dory Shop, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada