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Bracing for a Storm

While the hurricane approaching us here in Nova Scotia has vastly diminished from the Category 5 Hurricane that hit and set up home on the Bahamas, causing massive swaths of destruction and killing & injuring so many people, it is still a hurricane and it is headed straight for us.

Hurricane Dorian Projectory

By the time Dorian reaches us we are told the hurricane will be downgraded to a Category 1.  The last big hurricane to hit Nova Scotia was Hurricane Juan in 2003 - 16 years ago. But we all remember it. That Category 2 Hurricane was all the convincing we needed to take these warnings seriously. Hurricanes don’t often make landfall here – “once upon a time” hurricanes do: hurricanes which have been downgraded to tropical storms or depressions. Still causing damage, but nothing compared to their younger selves when they were full-blown hurricanes.

So to get ourselves ready in the dory shop yard, we have moved all of the dories and other small boats up the beach to keep them out of the grips of the storm surge we have been told to expect, and we’ve lashed down our lumber.

There isn’t a whole lot more we can do but sit and wait and see what this storm will bring us. Hurricane Juan went straight for Halifax. We’re about 100km Southeast of Halifax and Dorian’s trajectory goes right over us.

Dory Shop Yard prepared for storm

Dory Shop Yard ready for Dorian