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Winter in Da Burg


A proper old gale blew through a few nights here on the south west coast of Nova Scotia. Big howling noth’eastah (NOR’easter being a media driven misnomer) all through the night with heavy snow, big, big wet snow- 6-8”. Today its raining, pouring, on top of the dense wet snow, yay…roads were a gooey thick mess and everything was closed for a spell. As it all should be. Wet, raw and cold. And the power went out as was well expected.

But we have split fire-wood stacked and the woodstove chuckling along here at my home in the 1760 Bailly House. Kerosene lamps cleaned and filled, wicks trimmed. Candlesticks fitted with wax tapers. It is a lovely old  home and I LOVE the walking distance to anything that has my attention, like office, our wharf, our barque, the Dory Shop, the grocery store, a pub or two, post office etc.

We had to push back sailing in Barque Picton Castle for the next world voyage from May due to the ongoing pandemic. We certainly hope to sail in October. In the mean time looking at a big summer Bosun School session here in Lunenburg with rigging, boat building, sailmaking, small boats and tons more salty stuff. Massive “messing about in boats”.

The amazing Mike Gray and his able helper are just about wrapping up a very cool “cruising dory” in the Dory Shop, and then next they are going to finish the rebuild of our Concordia 41 that has been entrusted to us. Wonderful and classic sailing yachts. But at 60 years old it is not surprising that some bottom work is required. What is amazing is how little was required and what great shape the boat is in despite needing this attention.

On other fronts; making a bunch of olde tyme 17th century blocks and sails for a client. Fun job. We are also wrapping up the rigging design for a large 19th century fishing schooner restoration. They will be getting as close as is possible her original spar and sail plan that I can determine. Drawing upon research and sources from many years ago and much up to date research as well. She will be a ‘fast and able’ witch of a powerful seagoing vessel once again. Essentially a brand new vessel and she will be a fine schooner indeed.

We opened up our Ship Chandlery at our wharf. It was well attended before Christmas. Other initiatives warming up. Sailmaking and more rigging on the docket.

- Captain Daniel Moreland