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The CALANOVA Chronicles Chapter 11 - Below decks in the Amazing Schooner CALANOVA

Now, many folks do not realise this but due to the sheer genius of Master Designer & Builder Steven Slaunwhite that while the Amazing Schooner CALANOVA is 26’7” on deck, she is 138’ below decks. And about 122’ on the waterline. Never quite sure about this number, hard to get it sorted, seems to change a lot. No one knows why. But this OD to BD size differential is pretty handy to be sure. Docking rates at marinas aren’t so bad but she can still put a payload under the hatches. That is, she could if she had any hatches. Or any pay to load. Intense research, only now bringing facts to light indicate that on and off over the ages, there has been plenty. Stay tuned.

Here below we see the after companion of the Amazing schooner CALANOVA. Here we are facing aft. Note the fine panelling and stove for cold nights out on bluewater. Sea-chests line the cabin for storing crew’s gear.

The next image is facing forward into the nether regions of the Schooner. Going down…

The engine room, which plays a prominent role in events to come, is faithfully kept in top nick by the fine Gang of oilers, firemen and engineers.

At some point as we wander below decks we come to the skipper’s cabin, so modest, snug, not quite cramped really, “cozy” we like to call it, eh? You want a snug berth a ship like this for when the seas get a bit wild – you stay put. Great plan.

And lastly, the crew's quarters in the eyes of the vessel.

CALANOVA launching at The Dory Shop after getting all painted up nice. Ain’t she pretty?

Stories to come…Russian Subs, Dunkirk, Straights of Magellan, getting the best started, Hubbards, Rum Row, Limin’ in de eylands….