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The CALANOVA Chronicles Chapter 13 - CALL TO DUTY – Operation DYNAMO – The Amazing Schooner CALANOVA

"It was springtime. All along the waterfront schooners are getting ready for sea. Riggers are rigging. Crew bending sail and reeving of halyards and sheets. Piles of trawl tubs here and there. Dories soaking up or getting patched up. Masts getting greased. Big cable-laid manila anchor hawsers stretched or in jumbled piles on the wharves to get checked out for rotten bits. Engineers are fluffing up their Fairbanks & Morris diesels for the coming passages to the banks or the islands. Kids running around and getting into things. A horn gets tested from time to time. Some vessels are even getting painted and others are on the slipway hauled out and getting a bit of corking. Heaps of coarse salt is getting shoveled into the fish holds. The Dory Shop is sending down new dories in ox-carts to the schooners on the docks abuzz with activity. They had been building dories like fools over the last few months, knocking out four a week for some time now. The atmosphere is that of keen activity and is redolent with the ambrosia of Stockholm tar and linseed oil. The sounds of one-lung, make and break gasoline engines in harbour boats pop across the waters. It is springtime along the waterfront. The Amazing Schooner CALANOVA is at her berth next to the Knockabout NINA W. CORKUM and her crew is hard at it getting her ready for sea. Unknown to all along the waterfront, the Amazing Schooner CALANOVA may have a secret mission known but to a few..." (Click READ MORE for the rest of the story)