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The CALANOVA Chronicles Chapter 14 - The Amazing Schooner CALANOVA

Our research team is taking a break from the painstaking digging through the archives, crawling through dusty attics, deciphering old salt-stained logs, meeting with living legends and riffraff and hearing their accounts of the amazing exploits of the Amazing Schooner CALANOVA. So, here we have some recent visuals of this stunning, swift, fast & able vessel for your personal enchantment. Aww c’mon, you love it!

Ok, getting ahead of ourselves a little bit here…CALANOVA and AVENGER beating back from the banks…

Launching the Amazing CALANOVA at the Dory Shop. Waiting for the moon to do the heavy lifting. Tide coming in at the Center of Lunenburg’s “Trailing Edge Technologies” at the eastern end of Bluenose Drive and the working waterfront.

Tide’s a coming!!! Oh, what sweet lines!!!

Towing around to your friendly local barque (aka, mast-hulk) to get the rig into the Amazing Schooner CALANOVA. Looking pretty even with her masts!

With proper coins in the mast steps in go the lower masts by use of gaff vangs.

Masts stepped, ready to bend sail!

Off she sails to follow the sun…

At anchor after the sail. Cat and boy all snug in “bunk sweet bunk”.

The galley with a harbour view

Saluting the beautiful evening on of Lunenburg Harbour aboard the Amazing Schooner CALANOVA

The Schooner Fleet

Outward bound for her next saltwater adventure, the Amazing CALANOVA heads to sea under full sail. Dang, she looking good! And always faster than she oughta be.